21 September 2018
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  Dr Datsmalchi-Information

Personal Details
Name:  Siavoush Dastmalchi (Associate Professor)
Head of Medicinal Chemistry Department and

Director of Biotechnology Research Center
Address:  School of Pharmacy,

Tabriz University of Medical Sciences,

Tabriz 51664, Iran
Phone no : +98 (411) 337 2254/336 4038
Email :
 dastmalchi.s@tbzmed.ac.ir; siavoush11@yahoo.com
Languages :
 English and Farsi

 PhD, University of Sydney, Australia
 Masters (preliminary) University of Sydney, Australia
 Pharm. D, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Employment Record

1990– present
 Faculty member at the School of Pharmacy, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Iran
 Pos-doctorial fellowship at the University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia

 Scholarships and Awards

PhD scholarship from Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education (1997-2000)

Winner of Advanced Technology Research Prize in Razi National Research Festival (2006)

Research areas
 In my group we are involved in drug discovery in a multidisciplinary fashion using Biophysical (NMR, CD and fluorescent spectroscopy) studies on proteins, Biotechnology and Cell biology, Computer Aided Drug Discovery (Molecular modelling, drug design, QSAR and bioinformatics) and investigation of physico-chemical properties of drug molecules.


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