18 January 2019
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The  Biotechnology Research Center is designated to promote the researches on molecular biology and biotechnology.  The current research interests of the center are focused on basic and applied studies dealing with medical/pharmaceutical applications such as production of recombinant pharmaceutical proteins, bioinformatics and molecular modeling, structural and clinical biochemistry, molecular diagnosis of human pathogens and oncogenes, etiology of human genetic disorders, drug delivery systems, novel polypeptide and DNA vectors. In order to get a feeling about the types of research conducted by our members, please have a look at our publications. We also support research projects proposed by the university faculty members outside of the Biotechnology Research Center by encouraging them to submit their original research proposals. All proposals are considered very closely and evaluated by 3 referees. Successful proposals are approved by the Research Committee of the center. Applicants are invited to submit their proposals using our Grant Application form which can be downloaded through our homepage.

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