17 December 2018
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The new millennium is best known for emerge of advance science and technologies embracing biotechnology, genetic engineering, information technology and new materials to mention a few.  Human knowledge is growing with unprecedented speed and breakthroughs in technology that were once in the realm of science fiction are allowing us to find new effective ways to conquer diseases. In the same way as universities all over the world, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences is determined to be involved in high-tech research and development challenges paving the way for its relevance in the new millennium.

It is, therefore, my outmost pleasure, as the Director of Biotechnology Research Center (BRC) to share with you some facts about our recently established research center which is aimed to work as the core facility at our University to support original researches in biotechnology and related areas. In April 2006, BRC officially started its work at the Research and Development Complex of the University by recruiting some of the faculty members across the University. The center provides necessary synergy to fulfill the University's research goals as well as encouraging exchange of ideas and experiences among the all faculty members.

The Center was able to equip laboratories specialized in producing recombinant biotechnology products, developing methods for molecular diagnosis, biochemistry and bioinformatics. The research groups at the Center work together and with the help of all other faculties at different departments in a multidisciplinary environment to contribute in human knowledge and help to improve human quality of life.

Siavoush Dastmalchi
Professor of Drug Design