21 July 2018
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  Applications of Microbiology Procedures in DNA Manipulation and Cloning

Applications of Microbiology Procedures in DNA Manipulation and Cloning was held successfully during February 3-5, 2007. After a brief opening ceremony and a lecture highlighting the topics of the workshop, participants were forwarded to the Genetics Laboratory and involved in numerous experiments dealing with microbial handlings, aseptic techniques and DNA manipulations leading to gene cloning. To increase the efficacy of the workshop training, different preparations were made prior to the workshop to expedite the procedures. In other word, while all participants were involved in practicing all steps and observing their own results, they did not have to wait for many incubation periods before moving to the next step.

Twenty nine people including 8 faculty member, 14 students, 5 staff members and 2 off-university employees participated in this workshop.  All participants received a Certificate of Attendance and their overall evaluation in concerning the entire program was shown to be very satisfactory.

At last but not least, the center takes the time to appreciate Dr. Ali Mahmoudpour, whose non-stop efforts in designing, preparing, lecturing and directing the workshop shed lights in upgrading the knowledge of participants and promoting the biotechnology at our university.