21 September 2018
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  Molecular Genetic

Molecular Genetic Research Laboratory (MGRL) was established in 2006 at the Biotechnology Research Centre (BRC), Tabriz University of Medical Sciences (TUMS). MGRL is housed in one of the largest university-based research complex in the north west of country. Our lab includes a large testing area with excellent equipments, safety features, and office space.

MGRL has over the time expanded its technological facilities currently housing several standard and gradient thermal cycles, cell culture facility, Real Time PCR instrument, RT-PCR technology, electrophoresis, and other modern equipments. The main research activities of the lab are; (i) performing a molecular genetic research as well as providing services for patients and their physicians, particularly in the field of colon and breast cancers (ii) conducting molecular research at a high national and  international level, (iii) drug development based on phage technology, (iv) investigation of antibacterial peptides from natural sources, etc.

We are also involved in the training of medical and basic science students and residents, and other researchers.

Lab Members

Lab members:
Dr. Ebrahim Sakhinia
Dr. Siavoush Dastmalchi
Dr. Farzaneh Lotfipour
Dr. Maryam Hamzeh Mivehroud
Dr. Maryam Hassan
Dr. Somayeh Hallajnezhad
Miss Somayeh Hosseini
Miss Malak Farajzadeh
Mr. Amir Monfaredan